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Do you want to study at a reputable University included in the World’s Top 100 Universities list? gives you an overview and links to international scholarship programs offered by Global Universities ranked in the Times Higher Education’s 2014-2015 World University Rankings and the 2015/2016 QS World University Rankings.


United States »


Harvard University: Top 2 in World University Rankings & QS World University Rankings

The Harvard Committee on General Scholarships administers several programs for international students who wish to study at Harvard University’s graduate and professional schools.   There are scholarships and fellowships available for students from the following countries:  Argentina, Australia, Belgium, Brazil, Canada, China, Columbia, Croatia, Egypt, France, Germany, Greece, Hong Kong, Mexico, New Zealand, Spain, and United Kingdom. There are also additional funds which support students from the following countries and regions: Arab League Countries, Asia, Canada, China, England, France, Greece, Pacific Islands, Philippines and Poland.


California Institute of Technology: Top 1 in World University Rankings & Top 5 in QS World University Rankings

Stanford University: Top 4 in World University Rankings & Top 3 in QS World University Rankings

Massachusetts Institute of Technology: Top 6 in World University Rankings & Top 1 in QS World University Rankings

University of California, Berkeley: Top 8 in World University Rankings & Top 26 in QS World University Rankings


United Kingdom »


Oxford University: Top 3 in World University Rankings & Top 6 in QS World University Rankings

There are a limited number of undergraduate scholarships available for international students at Oxford. Currently, there are about 10 scholarship programs for students from selected countries and regions such as: Turkey, Brazil, Russia, Pakistan, Australia, etc. The main undergraduate scholarship program for developing country students is the Reach Oxford Scholarships.

On the other hand, there are hundreds of scholarships available to applicants for graduate study. The Clarendon Scholarships are just one example, another would be the Rhodes Scholarships. Fully funded scholarships are available for students from UK & Europe, Africa, Asia,  Australasia, and North America.


University of Cambridge Top 5 in World University Rankings & Top 3 in QS World University Rankings

Imperial College London: Top 9 in World University Rankings & Top 8 in QS World University Rankings

University of Edinburgh: Top 36 in World University Rankings & Top 21 in QS World University Rankings


Canada »


University of Toronto: Top 20 in World University Rankings & Top 34 in QS World University Rankings

For undergraduate programs, the University of Toronto selects the most outstanding undergraduate admission applicants as University of Toronto Scholars. These scholarships valued at $6,000, may be held in any program of study at the University, and in conjunction with any other award that student may be offered.

For graduate programs, financial support is available to highly qualified graduate students from a variety of sources at the University of Toronto. Full-time graduate students are assisted each year through the University of Toronto Fellowship program and numerous other departmental award programs.  In addition to fellowship support, departmental research funding may be available, especially to excellent students in the physical and life sciences. Teaching assistantships are also offered by a large number of departments.


University of British Columbia: Top 32 in World University Rankings & Top 50 in QS World University Rankings

McGill University: Top 39 in World University Rankings & Top 24 in QS World University Rankings


Switzerland »


ETH Zurich – Swiss Federal Institute of Technology: Top 13 in World University Rankings & Top 9 in QS World University Rankings

ETH Zurich supports outstanding students who wish to pursue Master’s degree studies by offering two scholarship programmes:  Excellence Scholarship & Opportunity Programme (ESOP) and the Master Scholarship Programme (MSP).

Under the Excellence Scholarship & Opportunity Programme (ESOP) students receive a special scholarship for the duration of their programme as well as specific supervision. The scholarship covers the full study and living costs during their Master’s degree course.  Under the Master Scholarship Programme (MSP) students receive a partial stipend during their Master’s degree course and the offer of an assistantship.

Ecole Polytechnique Federale de Lausanne: Top 34 in World University Rankings & Top 14 in QS World University Rankings


Australia »


University of Melbourne: Top 33 in World University Rankings & Top 42 in QS World University Rankings

The Melbourne Scholarships Program is one of the most generous and comprehensive in Australia. It recognizes outstanding academic achievement of students from Australia and around the world.  The University is also committed to providing access to students who might otherwise be excluded by socio-economic, cultural, geographic and other disadvantages, and they offer a range of opportunities for those applicants

For undergraduate studies, the main scholarship program is the Melbourne International Undergraduate Scholarships which awards tuition fee remission valued at $10,000 up to approximately $138,000. For graduate studies, the University offers the Melbourne International Research Scholarships (MIRS) which covers living allowance, relocation grant, insurance, thesis allowance, and paid sick, maternity and parenting leave.


Australia National University: Top 45  in World University Rankings & Top 19 in QS World University Rankings

University of Sydney: Top 60  in World University Rankings & Top 45 in QS World University Rankings

University of Queensland: Top 65  in World University Rankings & Top 46 in QS World University Rankings

University of New South Wales: Top 109  in World University Rankings & Top 46 in QS World University Rankings


France »


École Normale Supérieure: Top 78  in World University Rankings & Top 23 in QS World University Rankings

Each year, the ENS organizes an international selection allowing about thirty of the most promising international students, either in Science or in Humanities, to follow a two or three-year course at the ENS. They receive a monthly stipend of approximately 1,000 Euros and benefit from an accommodation on the ENS campus.


École Polytechnique: Top 61 in World University Rankings & Top 40 in QS World University Rankings


Japan »


University of Tokyo Scholarships: Top 23 in World University Rankings & Top 39 in QS World University Rankings

A variety of scholarships are available for students who wish to study at University of Tokyo. One of these is the University of Tokyo Fellowships which provides a research grant to privately financed international students with an excellent academic record. Recipients will receive a monthly research grant of  ¥200,000/¥150,000 during the standard period of their program (up to one year for research students).

This is also program where students are able to study an undergraduate or research program at the University with a scholarship from the Japanese government, specifically the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology (Monbukagakusho (MEXT)).

The University also offers externally funded scholarships (e.g. public corporations, foundations) that are available to international students.


Kyoto University: Top 59  in World University Rankings & Top 38 in QS World University Rankings


Singapore »


National University of Singapore: Top 25 in World University Rankings & Top 12 in QS World University Rankings

Eligible students will be considered for the NUS administered scholarships through their application for admission to NUS. These scholarships include the ASEAN Undergraduate Scholarship (AUS) (for ASEAN nationals, except Singaporeans) and Science & Technology Undergraduate Scholarship.   There are also scholarships offered by external organizations available.


Nanyang Technological University: Top 61  in World University Rankings & Top 13 in QS World University Rankings


Hong Kong »


The University of Hong Kong: Top 43 in World University Rankings & Top 30 in QS World University Rankings

The main scholarship program of the University of Hong Kong for international students is the HKU Entrance Scholarships which are awarded on the basis of academic merits with consideration of non-academic achievement.  The entrance scholarships are open to local and non-local students applying for undergraduate studies on the strength of international qualification.   The scholarship awards can be used towards tuition fee, accommodation, and personal expenses. To supplement their funds,  non-local students can undertake part-time work on campus during the semester, and can work during their summer vacation in the city.


Hong Kong University of Science and Technology: Top 51  in World University Rankings & Top 28 in QS World University Rankings




Tsinghua University: Top 49 in World University Rankings & Top 25 in QS World University Rankings

Currently, Tsinghua University offers four kinds of scholarship to the international students: Chinese Government Scholarship, Beijing Government Scholarship, Tsinghua University Scholarship, and Confucius Institute Scholarship. The Chinese Government Scholarship is mostly full scholarship and open to both the degree program students (undergraduate and graduate) and the visiting/exchange students. The Beijing Government Scholarship and Tsinghua University Scholarship are tuition scholarships and open to the degree program students.

The Schwarzman Scholars Program, which has been recently introduced, aims to give the world’s best and brightest students the opportunity to develop their leadership skills and professional networks through a one-year fully-funded Master’s Degree related to Public Policy, Economic and Business, or International Studies at Tsinghua University.


Peking University: Top 48 in World University Rankings & Top 41 in QS World University Rankings


South Korea »


Seoul National University: Top 50 in World University Rankings & Top 36 in QS World University Rankings

The Seoul National University offers generous scholarship programs for international students both for undergraduate and postgraduate studies. The University offers scholarships through the Korean Government Scholarship Program which is a fully funded scholarship that covers tuition fees, stipends, airfaire, medical insurance and other expenses.

Moreover, there are a number of major scholarship programs for graduate studies including the SNU Global Scholarships which covers  tuition fee, living expenses, airfare, and housing cost. The University also offers the Graduate Scholarship for Excellent Foreign Students which are open to Asian Students except Japan and China.


Pohang University of Science and Technology: Top 66 in World University Rankings & Top 87 in QS World University Rankings

Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology: Top 52 in World University Rankings & Top 43 in QS World University Rankings


Netherlands »


Delft University of Technology Scholarships: Top 71 in World University Rankings & Top 64 in QS World University Rankings

A variety of scholarships are awarded to TU Delft admitted students with exceptional promise and outstanding academic achievement by the university, specific faculties, departments and industry partners. Consideration for these scholarships requires students to have been admitted to their MSc programme. One of these scholarships is the Justus & Louise van Effen scholarship which is open to all international students and open to any of TU Delft’s MSc programmes.


Leiden University: Top 64 in World University Rankings & Top 95 in QS World University Rankings

Utrecht University: Top 79 in World University Rankings & Top 94 in QS World University Rankings

Amsterdam University: Top 77 in World University Rankings & Top 55 in QS World University Rankings


Belgium »


KU Leuven Scholarships: Top 55 in World University Rankings & Top 82 in QS World University Rankings

KU Leuven offers a number of scholarship programs for EU and non-EU international students. The scholarships are targeted to different regions and countries. KU Leuven also offers masters courses funded by VLIR-UOS Scholarships which are fully funded scholarships targeted to developing country students.  The university also offers departmental scholarships such as Science@Leuven Scholarships.


Ghent University: Top 90 in World University Rankings & Top 124 in QS World University Rankings


Sweden »


Uppsala University: Top 98 in World University Rankings & Top 102 in QS World University Rankings

Uppsala University awards a number of scholarships to fee-paying international students each year through university scholarships – one of which is the Uppsala IPK Scholarships.   Along with scholarships awarded by Uppsala University, it may be possible for fee-paying prospective international students to apply for financial assistance from organisations such as the Swedish Institute, Erasmus Mundus Action 2 projects, and Rotary World Peace Fellowship.


Lund University: Top 119 in World University Rankings & Top 70 in QS World University Rankings


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