Top 10 Scholarships in Belgium for International Students


Unknown to many, there are a number of scholarship programs in Belgium for international students specifically those from developing countries. The Belgian Government as part of their development cooperation offers scholarships to foreign students wishing to pursue further studies in Belgium. Belgian Universities included in the top 100 World Universities has scholarship programs for international students as well.



Belgian Government Scholarships for International Students »


Belgian Technical Cooperation (BTC) Scholarships
Belgium integrates scholarships and traineeship grants for partner country nationals in its development cooperation.  These grants offer the possibility to different actors to increase their professional competencies and capacities through university (master and doctorate) studies or through internships and travel trips. These opportunities are offered in the country of origin, in other partner countries or in Belgium.

VLIR-UOS Training and Masters Scholarship
VLIR-UOS awards training and masters scholarships to students from selected developing countries in Asia, Africa, and Latin America so that they can pursue a Training and Master’s Programme related to development at Universities in Belgium.  Every year, VLIR-UOS awards up to 180 scholarships to first-year master’s students.  The scholarships cover tuition fee, accomodation, allowance, travel costs,  and other program related costs.

CIUF-CUD Scholarships
The University Commission for Development (CUD) provides scholarships to international students from selected developing countries who wants to pursue training or Master’s study in Belgium.  CUD provides cutting-edge international Masters and training courses for development.

Erasmus Mundus Scholarship Programs in Belgium
Belgian Universities participate in quite a number of study programs which are funded by Erasmus Mundus Scholarships.  The scholarships allow international students to pursue a participating Erasmus Mundus study program for free.   Find the complete list of Erasmus Mundus Master Courses and PhD Courses and from these lists you will find Erasmus Mundus funded courses that are conducted in Belgium.


Belgian Universities that offer Scholarships for International Students »


Science@Leuven Scholarships for International Students
The Science@Leuven Scholarship are for motivated and talented international students, interested in participating in an international master programme of the Faculty of Science of the K.U.Leuven. The amount of the scholarship can be up to 8,000 Euro for 1 year. The scholarship will always cover the tuition fee for 1 year, the insurance and a basic health insurance coverage. The amount awarded for living expenses can vary.

See also  IRO Doctoral Scholarship Programme at K.U. Leuven which offers deserving students from developing countries to do their PhD in the largest university in Flanders, Belgium.

Liege University Scholarships for International Students
Liege University offers scholarships for both EU and non EU students who wish to study a Master’s Degree at the University. The scholarship includes monthly allowance for the duration of the studies, travel costs, and enrolment fees.

Belgian American Education Foundation Fellowships
The Belgian American Educational Foundation (B.A.E.F.) encourages applications from citizens or permanent residents of the United States  for fellowships for advanced study or research during one academic year, at a Belgian University or institution of higher learning. The B.A.E.F. will award up to eight fellowships each carrying a stipend of $25,000 for one year.

Ghent University Scholarships for Developing Countries
Ghent University provides postgraduate Masters scholarships to international students from developing countries who wish to study in Belgium and obtain a Master’s degree at Ghent University.  The scholarships consist of a monthly allowance, yearly tuition fee and one-time relocation fee.  Each year, a maximum of 10 scholarships can be awarded.

See also University of Ghent Doctoral Scholarships for Developing Countries which grants PhD scholarships to promising PhD students from developing countries who wish to carry out half of their PhD research at Ghent University and half in a university in a developing country.


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