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I am writing to you to thank you for your help. I wanted a scholarship, so somehow I stumbled across your website. I applied for a scholarship and was successful. I am forever grateful to you, there are no words to describe how I feel. Thank you so much, and may God bless you. Thank you for making a difference in my life, and other people’s lives.

– Sophie

Just a big thank you to the guys running this site. My brother secured a scholarship to Glasgow, all thanks to this site. Was recommended for by a friend just last month. Keep up the good job guys. God Bless!

Masafu Christopher

Thank you Scholars4dev for all your effort in creating and maintaining your website. It is through your website that my dream of visiting the United States became possible. I applied for a scholarship through your website but was rather offered a sponsorship opportunity to attend a summit in the U.S. Thank you so much.

– Malcom Windhoek (Namibia)

Let me also join the rest of the world in giving thanks to this website. In fact, it has assisted me in a very big way. I have already received university admission, and I’m on my way in processing my scholarship application. Once again,  I say thank you.

Samwel (Kenya)

Thanks so much for the valuable information you send out for us who visit this website.I once attended an interview for a scholarship from information gathered on this website.Though competition was so tight and i didn’t make it but it was worth the try and exposure.  Keep up the good work!

Asiimwe Monica

Bravo SCHOLARS4DEV for the good work of updating us about scholarship developments on a timely basis . I am a Kenyan and do wish to thank all those who are involved in the search of new developments in terms of scholarship issues.

Siele Josie

I cannot say thank you enough for your site. Fantastic and wonderful! It is the bridge for the students of financial in need to have the opportunity to go ahead. I call more and more people and organizations to sponsor such sites!

Mr.Truyen Pham

Scholars in Pakistan like in other developing countries are barred from seeking higher education due to certain prejudices. Lack of resources and social environment keep us away from the opportunities provided by the developed countries of the world. Thanks to this website which have made me think that the social and economic barriers can be surpassed with the help of the internet facilities!

Muhammad Shafiq

This website is fantastic. It offers very useful information for people who are in need of scholarship(s) and a place (University) to study. Keep it up!

Robert Mduma

Best scholarships information ever!!! The best of the web: a guide to some of the most information-rich resources for scholarships on the internet, especially for us living in resource constrained countries.

Mitiku Minota

If this avenue is well utilized, I believe the word developing countries will be a thing of the past.

Disu-Shoyiga Abiodun .F

Thanks for your scholarships updates. May the Lord bless you for such a wonderful job that you have took upon yourself to educate the whole world especially Africa.

Emmanuel Ekwabi

Never before has a site been this organized to cater function like this. Keep up the good work!


Thanks to the website’s staff for such a great job – collecting all this information on one website!


Thanks a lot for this very helpful website. I am sure many will find it helpful. I believe my chance will come one time.

Medard Kamujuni

Wow this is marvelous and outstandingly inspiring. May God bless those who care this much.

Chea Louis Chefuh

Your great contribution towards my academics has been received with great thanks.

Mulihebwa Solomon

It gives me pleasure to find such opportunities online for the whole world to benefit. Thank you for reaching out to the world and for your kindness.

Morris Mutebi

I am very grateful for getting introduced to this website. I already see valuable material in here. I look forward to hearing more from you.

Emiku Dennis

Thank you for giving people opportunity to know more about scholarships and opening opportunities for people to access higher education especially in developing countries.

Susan Wamaitha

Thanks very much for linking people with scholarships websites.

Elijah Odhiambo

Thanks for the assistance you give to some of us who want to explore available scholarship opportunities.

Kingsley O. Ugwuanyi

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…The unique benefit of using Scholars4Dev scholarship Website is the way and manner the scholarship profiles are structured. It is done in such a way that identifying the scholarship of your choice becomes easy. Categorized scholarship applications are arranged in teaser lists, providing you with a wealth of scholarship applications to choose from.  Users can always browse through available scholarships by deadline, so you can select scholarships with longer application periods, which gives you flexibility and time control…

Ikenna Odinaka, After School Africa