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15+ Development Courses in Sweden with Scholarships


The Swedish Government and a significant number of Swedish Universities offer scholarships for international students. Below are some of development-related courses that are funded by government and universities in Sweden. You can also find the list of courses funded by Swedish Institute Scholarships for Global Professionals; a lot of these courses are related to development.


Solar Energy Engineering at Dalarna University

The European Solar Engineering School (ESES) at Dalarna University offers you a specialised educational experience that will broaden your professional opportunities in the renewable energy industry. Examples of subjects covered are the design of photovoltaics, solar thermal and hybrid systems, energy storage, solar project management, and the economics and financing of solar energy.

Architecture and Planning Beyond Sustainability at Chalmers University of Technology 

The Architecture and Planning Beyond Sustainability Programme provides you with the skill and methods valid where architectural and urban design approaches are required. As a student, you are trained to find solutions that support sustainable development in a large variety of contexts and in dynamic situations. he programme is based on design studios in which real situations and problems faced by society are handled in close contact with local stakeholders and actors.

Strategic Leadership Towards Sustainability at Blenkinge Institute of Technology 

The Master’s Programme in Strategic Leadership towards Sustainability is a transformative 10-month education aimed at educating leaders capable of supporting sustainable development of society in a way that strengthens their own organization. This programme revolves around two integrated themes. The first is Strategic Sustainable Development, which is about creating and executing economically viable development of products, systems, organisations and communities in support of a transition towards global sustainability.  The second theme is Leading in Complexity, which is about dealing respectfully with complexity and effectively facilitating change. Students are invited to explore the meaning and the implications of complexity for social change and their own leadership.

Global Health at Karolinksa Institute

This one-year Global Health programme consists of three parts. The core part provides a common knowledge base. The advanced part contains courses addressing different specific areas of global health such as preparedness communicable diseases, non communicable diseases, maternal and child health. The final part is a research project submitted as a thesis, which can be carried out in Sweden or in a low or middle income country where Karolinska Institutet has an existing collaboration.

Sustainable Urban Planning and Design at KTH Royal Institute of Technology

The Master’s programme in Sustainable Urban Planning and Design focuses on the interrelationship between the built environment and social, economic and institutional forces. The programme provides professionals with a profound and broad understanding of the multiple factors in sustainable urban development. Students are trained to alter planning and design practices to respond to the environmental conditions and societal needs of the future.

Science for Sustainable Development at Linkoping University

The MSc Science for Sustainable Development is a two-year, full-time study programme that provides a strong basis for a career related to sustainable development and environmental change. The programme focuses on critical analysis of environmental challenges and applying science to solve real‑world problems. It consists of core and specialisation courses followed by thesis work. Upon completion of the programme, students acquire a Master’s degree in Science with a major in Environmental Science.

Peace and Development Work at Linnaeus University

In the Peace and Development Work programme, you study the relationship between poverty, conflicts and sustainable development as well as political room for manoeuvre for change. Peace and Development Work is for students who are looking for a specialisation in issues linked to peace, development and international development co-operation. We focus on current research concerning development as well as the practical work carried out by international institutions, non-governmental organisations and social movements.

Disaster Risk Management and Climate Change Adaptation at Lund University

The Master’s programme in Disaster Risk Management and Climate Change Adaptation has support from important national and international institutions, e.g. UN agencies, the Red Cross/Red Crescent movement, NGOs, and national authorities. The programme contributes to meeting the need for qualified professionals who can contribute to resilient and sustainable societies through the use of interdisciplinary concepts, methods and tools within disaster risk management and climate change adaptation such as risk assessment, capacity assessment, preparedness and contingency planning, and risk-based land use planning; work with capacity development and project management for disaster risk management and climate change adaptation in local, national and international organisations or agencies; utilise and contribute to research in this field.

Leadership for Sustainability at Malmo University

This multidisciplinary Master’s programme in Leadership for Sustainability provides in-depth knowledge on sustainable development and sustainability leadership. The programme provides students with an understanding of organisation and leadership theory in the context of sustainability. It also provides students with an understanding of research methods for sustainable decision-making. The education lays a solid foundation for those seeking to lead or manage sustainable initiatives in the workplace, community and the world.

Ecotechnology and Sustainable Development at Mid Sweden University

The International Master’s Programme in Ecotechnology and Sustainable Development will provide you with knowledge related to environmental and natural resource questions from a sustainability point of view and from global, regional and local levels. These broad issues, which vary in relation to time, place, complexity and connectedness, are approached in an interdisciplinary and systemic way. The programme includes courses in both Environmental Science and Environmental Technology. Environmental Science focuses on knowledge about how natural resources and the environment form preconditions to create sustainable societal functions. Environmental Technology, on the other hand, focuses on the technology and technical systems from a sustainability perspective.

Social Work at Malardalen University

The Social Work Programme gives you the opportunity to conduct change work and to improve your knowledge in national as well as international social work. Social work concerns the conditions of life, needs and experiences of socially vulnerable people. The point of departure is to try to understand and explain social phenomena and problems at the individual, group and societal levels, and also to create opportunities for change. The understanding of social issues builds on perspectives of systems, power and rights, and the analysis of these is often intersectional. You will develop a practical understanding of problem solving and change processes when it comes to people in socially vulnerable situations.

Globalization, Environment and Social Change at Stockholm University

The Master’s Programme in Globalization, Environment and Social Change (MGLOB) aims to provide students with an interdisciplinary approach to investigating global environmental and social change. The programme provides students with the opportunity to combine theory and practice, and the ability to seek answers to their questions through their own field work.

Rural Development and Natural Resources Management at Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences

The Master´s degree in Rural Development and Natural Resource Management programme offers students knowledge and skills from different disciplines – with a key theoretical base in the social sciences – to create appropriate ways of managing rural problems in context. The programme  offers job prospects in fields such as with projects or organisations in the development arena, the academic world, research, the private sector, consultancy firms, policy design and facilitation, governmental or non-governmental organisations and local, national or international institutions.

Constitutional Law and Human Rights at Umea University

The Masters Programme in Constitutional Law and Human Rights addresses key concepts and theories of European and international constitutional law and human rights involving in-depth studies of rule of law, constitutionalism and fundamental principles; human rights law; and finally balance of power and constitutional enforcement.

International Administration and Global Governance at Gothenburg University

The Master’s Programme International Administration and Global Governance prepares students for professional and research careers in the field of international affairs. The programme aims to provide the skills and knowledge needed to formulate, analyze and evaluate policy related to long-term political, economic and social development. Through interdisciplinary coursework, independent research projects and an internship, students gain theoretical insights as well as the practical skills and knowledge to work in organisations involved in international issues.

Sustainable Management of Biological Resources at University of Skovde

The Sustainable Management of Biological Resources study programme focuses on how we can manage our biological resources in a sustainable way. Some populations we impact through harvest while we try to save other through conservation efforts. The programme provides in depth knowledge regarding how humans’ management of biological resources impact ecosystems and biodiversity. Fundamental ecological theories of conservation and the management of biological resources are combined with applied knowledge of current conservation- and management approaches in both aquatic and terrestrial populations. The focus of the programme is closely connected to the research conducted by the teachers of the study programme.

Humanitarian Action and Conflict at Uppsala University

The Master Programme in Humanitarian Action and Conflict seeks to give you the skills and competences necessary to work within different areas of humanitarian action. The programme focuses on taking an independent, critical and constructively active approach to humanitarian work, especially in conflict situations. It also aims to provide you with knowledge and methods relevant to conflict situations and peace-building activities.

Public Planning for Sustainable Development at Orebro University

Would you like to develop skills and tools that enable you to contribute to a more sustainable society? If that is the case, this programme is tailor-made for you!  The focus of the Public Planning for Sustainable Development Programme is sustainable development as a vital challenge to our society, which needs to be seriously addressed by government and public administration. The programme is a cooperation between human geography, political science and sociology and is a one-year Master’s programme of 60 credits.

Resource Recovery at Boras University

By studying on this unique master programme in Resource Recovery, which is given by the Swedish Centre for Resource Recovery, your ability to analyze and resolve problems related to disposing, processing and recycling of residuals into useful products will be developed.  Regardless of whether you will be working as a researcher or work in business and management and you will be a global community builder, with knowledge and skills to take on challenges in areas even not directly related to resource recovery.


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