List of Competitions Scholarships, Grants, and Fellowships for International Students


Talent For France

You are looking for a rewarding professional experience abroad?

La French Tech®, the official body gathering and fostering French start ups across the world, is looking for students with great technical skills and an entrepreneurial spirit to help successful French start ups in the following fields:


Work in direct contact with start ups & increase your chances to get a job interview. Finalists will be invited in Paris in December to pitch their project in front of French Start-ups and Sponsor Companies.

You are not hailing from an EU-country and want to work in France? No problem, the French Tech® can deliver residence permits through a fast-tracked procedure!

Next step: Boost your international career by participating before November 25th, 2018!


CoreNet Academic Challenge 2018

Travel the world with an all-expense paid trip!

Your ideas could earn you world travel and global networking with the greatest minds in corporate real estate. Teams of university students (two to four people) from around the world are invited to compete to win US$5,000​ for their team. The challenge is to find a creative solution for an unstructured problem that faces those working in corporate real estate.

Students (undergrad & grad, full and part-time) from around the world are invited ​to think creatively about a problem facing real estate professionals for renowned companies like Google, Duke Energy, AstraZeneca, Whirlpool, and many others. In exchange? Travel the world with an all-expense paid trip to one of our Global Summits in Asia or North America. Challenge your mind power by competing with your peers from around the world. Gain international experience. Connect with experts. Win US $5,000 for your team.

You and your teammates will engage in a contest with competing institutions. Your job is to address challenges like creating an employee experience that attracts millennials while retaining all other generations of employees; or reducing the gap between the speed of business and the typical speed of
real estate.

Deadline: 30 November 2018

Sign up here!

Group SEB Tech Challenge

Are you an engineering student or young graduate with a passion for robotics?

SEB, the leading household appliances company, is calling for innovative minds to come up with robots prototypes which will revolutionize household chores.

From home, linen & personal care to food cooking and storing, it’s up to you to choose the category you are interested in. Shortlisted projects will receive €1.000 to produce a functional prototype of their project for the final marketplace. Finalists will be invited to a two day-final in SEB’s headquarters in Lyons (France) to pitch their projects!

Register before December 2nd & boost your career in robotics!


Study in the UK and become an expert in International Marketing

The MSc International Marketing degree at University of Dundee in the UK is a conversion degree. You have a chance at success, whether you have studied business as part of your undergraduate degree or not.

Train yourself in the important basic founding principles of marketing, and sharpen your knowledge of how to adapt to the developing world of digital marketing at the same time. Learn why this programme is perfect for you!

Fee: ​£16,450

Programme starts: September and January each year

Take an online quiz on Sqore to learn more about the programme and see if it’s the right fit for you!

BONUS:​ University of Dundee is offering a £5,000 scholarship to the right student. Complete all the steps for a chance to earn it!

How it works:

1.Go to this Sqore page
Sign up on Sqore
● Take a short quiz to discover more about the programme
● Fill in your details & share your motivation

2. If you’re a match to this programme, an admissions expert from the University of Dundee team will be in touch to guide you through the application process.


Last Highest Qualification
First degree, equivalent of a UK 2:2

English Proficiency
IELTS: 6.0+



4 NEW Competitions in France, Germany and Canada

See upcoming competitions in France, Germany, Canada – Talent For France, Group SEB Challenge, Bayer Digital Campus Challenge, and TD Insurance Challenge.

H&M Foundation’s Global Change Awards Wants You

Can your innovation help reinvent the fashion industry and protect the planet? H&M Foundation’s Global Change Award is looking to find innovations that have the potential to shift the fashion industry from its linear approach to a circular one.

The world is already using approximately 1.6 planet’s worth of resources every year. There is an urgent opportunity to shift from “take-make-waste” to a fashion industry where resource loops are tightened and valuable materials are recovered.

To become circular, the fashion industry must reinvent itself in how to design, what materials to use, how to dye, cut and sew, ship, sell, own, use and dispose fashion. New technology, business models and materials can make this possible.

Each year, five winners are selected by an international expert panel. The winners will share a grant of €1 million and embark on a yearlong tailor-made Innovation Accelerator Program, designed to take your innovation to the next level and bring it to the market as quick as possible.

This year the expert panel will be especially on the look-out for innovations with digital technologies applied. If you have ideas related to connectivity, internet of things or machine learning – give it your best shot.

Application is open between 29 August – 17 October 2018.

Learn more and apply here today!

Bayer Digital Campus Challenge 2018

Do you know how digital technologies can be used in healthcare to improve people’s lives? Bayer want to hear what you think!

Digitalization is taking place everywhere and affects all of us. If we look at Bayer, we ask ourselves how we can capitalize on the opportunities that arise from digitalization. What effects do you think all these new digital technologies will have? And how can they be leveraged in health care to improve people’s lives?

You are enrolled in higher education? We want to hear what you think!

Take the opportunity to get noticed: You will be able to sell your idea to Bayer or to develop it in collaboration with Bayer’s team.

Regardless of whether your studies are focused on natural sciences, engineering, medicine, IT, economics or business administration – your ideas matter. By believing that everything is possible, you can give free rein to your creativity and innovative ideas while working in teams of 2-5 students.

You can choose from the four following categories:

– Machine & Deep Learning
– Precision Medicine
– Gene therapy / Genomics
– Workplace 5.0

Apart from building meaningful contacts with Germany’s leading pharma industry, the three best teams will be rewarded with an all-inclusive trip to Barcelona.


Study an Online or Blended MBA with EMAS Business School, Russia!

An MBA from Eurasian Management and Administration School (EMAS Business School) in Russia is more than about learning – it is about making breakthrough improvement in your career and business. Whether you want to focus in General Management, Marketing & Sales or Finance​ – EMAS has an MBA programme for you (purely online or through blended learning):

● MBA: General Management
● MBA: Marketing and Sales
● MBA: Finance


MBA: Marketing and Sales and MBA: Finance

● $7,780 (Blended)
● $5,580 (Online)

MBA: General Management
● $6,780 (Blended)
● $4,980 (Online)

Take an online quiz on Sqore to learn more about the programme and see if it’s the right fit for you!

BONUS: EMAS is offering 70-80% scholarships, save up to €15,920! 


How it works:

1. Take this online challenge

Sign up on Sqore website
● Take a short quiz to learn more about EMAS Business School
● Explain why you would like to join the programme

2. If you’re a match to this programme, an admissions expert from the EMAS Business School team will be in touch to guide you through the application process.


Scholarships to study Online for your Bachelor’s or Master’s at University of South Wales

Receive a scholarship of up to 75% to study for a Bachelor or Master programme online with the University of South Wales!


The University of South Wales​ is a major player in UK higher education and is renowned for its partnerships with major employers all over the world.

The university has partnered with the UNICAF Scholarship ​programme, which was founded to offer gifted, underprivileged students the opportunity to further their education, by earning internationally recognised qualifications, at low cost, through online study.

Choose from one of these programs:

● BA (HONS) – Business Studies
● MBA – Master of Business Administration
● MA Education
● MSc in Psychology
● Master of Laws
● MSc in Public Health

Here’s what you need to do to secure your scholarship to study the programme:

1. Sign up on Sqore
2. Fill in your details
3. Get help with your application – A UNICAF admissions advisor will reach out within 48 hours!

The Scholarships will be awarded on a rolling basis, so don’t wait, ​sign up now​!

Global Scholarships to study online at UNICAF University!

Start building your future. Win scholarships of up to 75% to study online at UNICAF University


Pursuing higher level international education is a huge commitment. But what if there was an internationally accredited program that is both flexible and affordable​?

Recognised for its outstanding contribution to research and learning, UNICAF University​ offers programmes​ that are either available fully online​ or use the blended learning​ approach, which integrates e-learning with traditional classroom sessions. Available programmes included:


● BSc in Computer Science
● BA in Hospitality Management
● BA in Business Administration
● BSc in Accounting & Finance
● Level 6 Diploma in Accounting & Financial Management


● MA Education
● MPA – Master of Public Administration
● LLM – Master of Laws
● MSc Healthcare Management
● MSc Managerial Psychology
● MSc Web Design & Development

MBA ​- Specialisations to choose from: Finance, Management, Management Information Systems, Oil & Gas Management, and Health Management.


● DBA – Doctorate of Business Administration
● EdD – Doctorate of Education in Organisational Change & Leadership
● PhD – Doctorate of Philosophy

Here’s what you need to do to secure the scholarship:

1. Sign up on Sqore and ​fill in your details
2. A UNICAF admissions advisor will be in touch to guide you through the application process within 48 hours.

The Scholarships will be awarded on a rolling basis, so don’t wait, ​sign up now​!

The Dyalog APL Problem Solving Competition

The Dyalog APL Problem Solving Competition​ offers you the chance to compete for up to $6,500, plus an invitation to the annual Dyalog user meeting in Northern Ireland, UK!


Joining the competition is as easy as…

Step 1: Sign up
Sign up for the challenge or log in using your Student Competitions/Sqore account.

Step 2: Download the APL software
Dyalog provides an educational licence, free of charge, to all those in full time education. Apply for an educational licence here.

When applying for a licence, you need to specify the operating system that you’ll be using; the options are Linux, macOS or Microsoft Windows. Note: You need OS X Yosemite operating system on the Mac for Dyalog to run (it won’t run on an iPad or older OS X).

Step 3: Complete Phase I
In Phase I of the competition you will be introduced to APL as you tackle 10 small problems that can each be solved using a single line of APL code.

Step 4: APL Phase II
Things start to heat up in Phase II. Here you will be challenged with a set of problems of varying complexity. You’ll code your solutions and upload a file containing the code.

You can choose to answer questions within one, or all, of the following categories:

● Cryptography
● Physics
● Neural Networks

Step 5: Wait for your results!
The winners of the competition will be announced on the competition website on 3 September.

The competition is open to students and professionals around the world.



Join the Full-time MBA in Innovation Management in France!

Discover what a project-based MBA at École des Ponts Business School can do for you.

The Full-time MBA in Innovation Management is a unique purpose-driven Executive MBA and five research centers to explore the future and co-design transformation on some of the today’s hottest topics​: circular economy, business in Africa, digital innovation and acceleration, conscious leadership and talent management, and competitiveness from a bottom-up perspective.

Take this online challenge to learn more about the programme and see if it’s the right fit for you! If you’re a match, École des Ponts Business School will be in touch.

BONUS: You could also win a range of partial scholarships!

How it works: 

1. Take this online challenge

Sign up on Sqore
● Take two short quizzes to learn more about the programme & test your business skills
● Fill in your details & share your motivation

2. If you’re a match to this programme, an admissions expert from the École des Ponts Business School will be in touch to guide you through the application process.

Application deadline:​ 10 August 2018



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