Top 10 Scholarships in Switzerland for International Students



Did you know that tuition fees at Swiss universities are relatively low compared to other European Countries? You can enrol at a Swiss University for as low as $1,500 a year. This makes Switzerland one of the top choices for international students looking to pursue studies in Europe. Moreover, there are available Swiss scholarships for international students that help towards tuition fees and living costs.

Swiss Government Scholarships for International Students »


Swiss Excellence Scholarships for Foreign Students
The Swiss Government, through the Federal Commission for Scholarships for Foreign Students (FCS), awards various postgraduate scholarships to foreign scholars and researchers:  University scholarships (Swiss universities, Federal Institutes of Technology as well as Universities of Applied Sciences) and Arts scholarships (schools of music and fine arts, only for a limited number of countries).  These scholarships provide graduates from all fields with the opportunity to pursue doctoral or postdoctoral research in Switzerland at one of the public funded university or recognized institution.

This a full scholarship which covers the monthly payment of 1920 Swiss Francs for PhD studies/research or 3,500 Swiss Francs for postdoctoral research, exemption of the tuition fees, mandatory Swiss Health insurance paid by the FCS , a lump sum for air fare for non-European grantees, special one-time 300 Swiss Francs lodging allowance, 1 year half-fare public transportation card, and  ounseling and various trips, dinners and sigh seeing tours organized for Swiss Government Scholarship holders.

Erasmus Mundus Scholarship Programs in Switzerland
Swiss Universities participate in quite a number of study programs which are funded by Erasmus Mundus Scholarships.  The scholarships allow international students to pursue a participating Erasmus Mundus study program for free.   Find the complete list of Erasmus Mundus Master Courses and PhD Courses and from these lists you will find Erasmus Mundus funded courses that are conducted in Switzerland.


Swiss Universities that offer Scholarships for International Students »


ETH Excellence Scholarships
The ETH Excellence Scholarships is the flagship scholarship of the Swiss Federal Institute of Tehcnology Zurich – Top 12 in World University Rankings 2012. International Bachelor’s students who have passed their first-year exams  and  international Master students, who acquired their Bachelor’s degree at another university, can apply for these scholarshipswhen they have successfully completed the second semester of the Master programme. The scholarships can be awarded to students who belong to the best 10 percent of their Bachelor programme.  The scholarships covers the full study and living costs during the Master degree course.

University of Lausanne Master’s Grants for Foreign Students
The University of Lausanne in Switzerland offers scholarships to international students who wishes to pursue a Masters Degree at the University through the UNIL Master’s Grants.  The amount of the grant is CHF 1,600.- per month from 15 September to 15 July, for a duration not exceeding the regulation minimum period of the programme (according to the programme, one-and-a-half years or two years subject to deduction for paid placements or exempt semesters, if any).

University of Bern Excellence Scholarships for Foreign Students
The University of Bern Masters Grants are for international students who wish to do a Master’s programme at the university.  The scholarship is offered for Master’s Programmes offered at the University.  The grant consists of CHF1,600 per month for the duration of the Master’s programme.

EPFL Excellence Fellowships
Ecole Polytechnique Federale de Lausanne (EPFL) offers a limited number of fellowships at the Master level to students with outstanding academic records.  Anyone holding a Bachelor’s degree is eligible to apply to the EPFL Masters Programmes and by consequence to an EPFL fellowship.  Each fellowship consists of a financial package of CHF 16,000 per academic year (thus, a maximum of CHF 32’000 for a two-year Master) for external applicants.

Graduate Institute Scholarships
A significant number of scholarships are awarded each year to students attending Master and PhD programmes at the Graduate Institute Geneva.  All candidates to the Institute’s regular Master and PhD programmes are eligible to apply.  Full scholarships generally amount to CHF 18,000 per year and include an exemption of the Institute’s tuition fees. Some full scholarships are awarded subject to specific conditions (duration of study and/or geographical origin of students).  Excellence scholarships that cover the cost of the annual tuition fees are also available for academically excellent students, irrespective of their financial needs. For a full list of the specific scholarships awarded by the Institute, please click here.

See also Global South Scholar-in-Residence Programme which is open to outstanding young professors from universities from developing and emerging countries pursuing advanced research in areas bridging the fields of international and development studies, broadly defined, and working in disciplines such as anthropology, history, law, politics and political science, and economics.

University of Geneva Excellence Master Fellowships
The University of Geneva Faculty of Science, in collaboration with several sponsors, has established an Excellence Fellowship Program to support outstanding and highly motivated candidates who intend to pursue a Master of Science in any of the disciplines covered by the Faculty. Application for an Excellence Fellowship is open to students from any university with very good performance in their studies (belonging to the best 10% of their bachelor’s program). The Excellence Fellowship consists of a grant amounting to CHF 10,000 to CHF 15,000/year (no teaching duties); it is awarded for one year and extended for the regular duration of the chosen Master’s programme (three or four semesters) provided the applicant is academically successful at the end of his/her first semester of studies.

IMD MBA Scholarships
IMD offers a number of scholarship programs for international students from different countries and backgrounds including Jim Ellert MBA Scholarships for Africa, Central & Eastern Europe, and Southeast Asia and Nestle MBA Scholarships for Women. Each scholarship program awards around CHF 25,000-50,000.


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