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Looking for an online degree with scholarship? UNICAF Scholarship Programme has got you covered: the UNICAF Scholarship Programme is one of the most generous programmes available in the world today. Over USD 75 million worth of scholarships have been awarded!

You can earn up to 60% UNICAF Scholarship to study an online degree from the University of South Wales or UNICAF University, at an affordable price that fits around your busy schedule.

Programmes on offer:

Unicaf University (UU)

● BSc in Computer Science
● Bachelor in Hospitality Management
● BBA Bachelor in Business Administration
● BSc in Accounting and Finance
● Master’s in Education
● MPA Master’s of Public Administration
● LLM Master’s of Law
● MSc in Healthcare Management
● MSc in Managerial Psychology
● MSc in Web Design and Development
● MBA Master of Business Administration
● MBA Finance
● MBA Management
● MBA Management Information Systems
● MBA Oil and Gas Management
● MBA Health Management
● DBA Doctorate of Business Administration
● EdD Doctorate of Education in Organisational Change and Leadership
● PhD Doctorate of Philosophy


The University of South Wales (USW)

● BA(Hons) Business Studies Top-Up Degree
● MBA Master of Business Administration
● MA in Education (Innovation in Learning & Teaching)
● LLM Master’s of Law
● MSc in Psychology
● MSc in Public Health


Scholarships are open to candidates from the following countries:

● Bangladesh
● Benin
● Botswana
● Brazil
● Colombia
● Ghana
● Jamaica
● Kenya
● Malawi
● Namibia
● Nigeria
● Philippines
● Rwanda
● Saudi Arabia
● Sierra Leone
● South Africa
● Tanzania
● Uganda
● United Kingdom
● Zambia
● Zimbabwe

The Scholarships will be awarded on a rolling basis, so don’t wait, APPLY NOW:

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○ If you meet the school’s eligibility criteria, an admissions expert will be in touch to guide
you with your decision.


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