Scholarships to study Online for your Bachelor’s or Master’s at University of South Wales

Receive a scholarship of up to 75% to study for a Bachelor or Master programme online with the University of South Wales!


The University of South Wales​ is a major player in UK higher education and is renowned for its partnerships with major employers all over the world.

The university has partnered with the UNICAF Scholarship ​programme, which was founded to offer gifted, underprivileged students the opportunity to further their education, by earning internationally recognised qualifications, at low cost, through online study.

Choose from one of these programs:

● BA (HONS) – Business Studies
● MBA – Master of Business Administration
● MA Education
● MSc in Psychology
● Master of Laws
● MSc in Public Health

Here’s what you need to do to secure your scholarship to study the programme:

1. Sign up on Sqore
2. Fill in your details
3. Get help with your application – A UNICAF admissions advisor will reach out within 48 hours!

The Scholarships will be awarded on a rolling basis, so don’t wait, ​sign up now​!

Disclaimer: This is a sponsored post.

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