Study a Double Master in Food & Agribusiness Management in France!

Kickstart your leadership career in the Food & Agribusiness industry at the elite Audencia Business School. Bonus: you could win a partial tuition fee waiver!

Why Should You Study Food and Agribusiness at Audencia Business School?

Students in the Food and Agribusiness Management (FAM) program will learn the skills and theory needed to excel in agrienergy, food, and other agribusiness fields​. Graduates will be awarded a dual Master of Science from Audencia Business School and Istituto Europeo di Design in Brazil.

PLUS​ – If your Bachelor’s degree was a from a four-year program, you can complete the program one year faster.


Audencia Business School is offering three students the chance to win the following:

● 1st place – Partial tuition fee waiver – 25%
● 2nd place – Partial tuition fee waiver – 20%
● 3rd place – Partial tuition fee waiver – 15%

Program starts:​ 1 September 2018
Duration:​ Core Track- 1-year; Extended Track- 2-years

How it works:

1. ​Take this online challenge​ for a chance to win a partial tuition fee waiver:

● Sign up on Sqore
● Take two short quizzes to learn more about Audencia and test your knowledge about agribusiness
● Fill in your details

2. Apply with Audencia Business School once you have completed the challenge

Application deadline: ​May 31, 2018

Eligibility requirements:

● Last Highest Qualification: A 4-year or 3-year bachelor’s degree
● English Proficiency: TOEFL: 60-120, TOEIC: 600-990, IELTS: 5.0-8.0


Disclaimer: This is a sponsored post.

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