Study your Bachelor in International Financial Management and Control in the city of International Law, The Hague

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Are you interested in the world of Finance, Business Control and Process Management? Then the International Financial Management and Control program at The Hague University of Applied Sciences (THUAS) should be your number one choice for your bachelor studies!

Whether you are someone who wakes up every day with a brilliant idea for your own business, or you are a professional in an international company, after this program you will have the knowledge and tools to create & control a solid, profitable financial strategy with an efficient cost planning. 

The Hague is a cosmopolitan city on the North Sea coast, in the Netherlands. The Hague is home to numerous international businesses and organizations as well as being the national government seat. For instance The Hague is also known as the City of International Law. You will be studying and living in a city that is bursting with international professionals from around the world.

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