IoT for Greener Cities Challenge

In a team of 1 to 5 people, imagine innovative ideas or and a business model based on the Internet of Things in cities to reduce the environmental footprint of their citizen and activities.

Three topics to choose from :

THEME N°1: reducing the environmental footprint of housing – IoT for Households

THEME N°2: reducing the environmental footprint of buildings – Data-Based Solutions for Energy

THEME N°3: reducing the environmental footprint of city transport and mobility – Sustainable Mobility in an Urban Environment

As one of the 15 finalist teams, you will have access to coaching by a team of experts (from the different partners) and the opportunity to pitch your idea in front of experts and a range of European companies and public stakeholders, including the European Union and the World Economic Forum.

All three winners will have the opportunity to present their project during the ENGIE Innovation Week in June 2017 and get their project incubated ‘on-line’. This challenge also gives you the chance to win €10,000 worth of prizes.


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