List of Scholarships for Pakistani Students

There are a lot of scholarships for Pakistanis, you should just know who offers them and where to find them.  To help Pakistan students with their scholarship search, developed a list of scholarships for Pakistans. You will find that some scholarships directly target Pakistans while some target South Asians in general.  Of course, you will have greater chances if you apply for scholarships specifically for Pakistans only.

Pakistans or Pakistanis have been the beneficiary of many international scholarships in the past until now.  Donors of Pakistan scholarships include international development institutions (World Bank, ADB, etc) and Governments of developed countries (United Kingdom, USA, and Australia,etc).

To see the long list, proceed to the following links:

Scholarships for Pakistans
List of scholarships specifically for Pakistans

Scholarships for South Asians
List of scholarships for South Asians

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