Multi-Comfort House Student Contest 2017

As the world is becoming increasingly urban and cities are becoming larger and more densely populated, our energy consumption and CO2 emissions are increasing, and actions are required.

The task for 13th International Edition of Multi-Comfort House Students Contest is the Urban Regeneration of a community within the perimeter of Gran San Blas area of Madrid. You will have the opportunity to create a sustainable architecture integrated into the urban space, taking into account the climatic conditions and regional context of Madrid. Constructional, social and economic aspects should be considered and the proposed solution should give a new impulse in the existing urban area. Register by March 1st 2017 and submit your final application by March 15th 2017.

Participate today for a chance to win a trip to Spain and compete in the final stages as well as cash prizes totaling over €3,000 (for the Online Stage).


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